Collection (17 Videos)

Tales from the Prep Room

Head inside the famous Ri Prep Room for experiments, demos and more.

Laser Diffraction

Image: The Royal Institution

Collection (7 Videos)

Particle accelerators for humanity

Dive into a world of particle accelerators beyond just particle physics.

Particle accelerator-themed illustration by Daniel Clarke

Illustration by Daniel Clarke

Collection (16 Videos)

A Place Called Space

A series of films exploring the human experience and cultural significance of space travel. Part of the 2015 advent calendar.

Collection (70 Videos)

Ri Talks

Cutting-edge research, intelligent debate and the leading thinkers in science, technology, maths and engineering.

The Ri audience

Image: The Royal Institution

Collection (18 Videos)

The Crystallography Collection

A selection of the best videos celebrating 100 years of Crystallography

Crystallography animation

Image: The Royal Institution

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