Cosmic Journeys: The Astronaut's Camera

Stunning views from above.

From the rolling sand dunes of the Namib Desert to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin, our planet contains some awe-inspiring landscapes. But only a few have fortunate enough to view them from above.  

High-definition footage captured by NASA allows us to journey across the globe with an astronauts-eye-view. Dr Justin Wilkinson from the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston recalls the landmarks as they appear from the International Space Station in low-earth orbit.     

Beginning above the coast of Namibia in southwest Africa, the film takes us north up through Italy to the far east coast of Russia, down to the Zagros mountains in Iran, and over eastern China.

In the southern hemisphere, we journey over the Gulf of Carpentaria to the north of Australia before peering down the eye of a hurricane and moving across the United States, taking in Great Salt Lake in Utah, the Florida Keys and the shallow seas of the Bahamas. The journey ends above South America, where large thunderheads hang over the tropics. 

For more views from space, see Yuri Gargarin's First Orbit or hop aboard a sixty-second flight over Planet Earth.


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