Sport has always been an early adopter of technology, from the development of chariot races in the early Olympics to the use of carbon fibre materials in modern sporting equipment. Now more than ever, science and technology is being exploited to help our athletes gain an edge over their competitors.

In this Ri Collection in collaboration with the Centre of Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, Professor Steve Haake presents a hands-on guide to the field of sports engineering.

With elite performance now separated by the tiniest of margins we investigate how sports engineering is helping athletes to gain the crucial edge over their opponents. In locations throughout the UK Steve speaks to the coaches implementing new technologies into their training regimes and explores how sports engineering innovation is being used on the front-line to aid athletes in football, tennis, diving and more.

With the Olympic games on the horizon, at what point does the use of cutting-edge technology overstep the mark and when does it become cheating? And looking forward, how will new technologies influence the development of sport into the future?

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The Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffiled Hallam University is an internationally renowned centre of excellence for research focusing on developing fundamental understanding of the complex sporting environment and the creation of new innovative technologies.CSER logo

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Engineering Sport

Exploring the technology and innovation behind sporting success. By Professor Steve Haake

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