From the discovery of the Higgs Boson to a curious descent to Mars and a twice-in-a-lifetime astronomical event, 2012 included some amazing scientific highlights. Accompanied by the continuing explosion in online audiences and the increasing ease of producing/publishing multimedia content it’s been a bumper year for science videos.

Since launching the Ri Channel back in December 2011 we've become pretty adept at looking around the web for the best videos exploring science, technology, engineering or maths.In fact, I think my colleague Ed Prosser and I probably watch more science-related video than perhaps anyone else. 

As the website celebrates its one year anniversary we wondered if we could compile a top ten list of the best of the "best of the web" - the videos that have entertained, educateed, and ultimately inspired us throughout the year.

This Collection is the top ten selection from the Ri Channel team (as well as some feedback from our users). It’s in no particular order and, as with all lists, not everyone will agree – I’m sure we have missed some great content. What is your favourite science video from 2012?

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Best of the Web - Top Ten

The best of the site's best of the web videos from 2012, selected by the Ri Channel team.

Beyond the Gardens screenshot

Image: 'Beyond the Gardens'