Find out more about the Ri Channel website.

Filming in the Faraday Theatre

The Ri Channel is an online project by the Royal Institution of Great Britain showcasing the very best science videos from the Ri and around the web.

Alongside highlights from recent Ri events, the Channel features re-digitised footage from the Ri archive and a range of high-quality videos from filmmakers and scientific institutions across the UK and beyond.

The project continues the Royal Institution's charitable mission to "connect people to the world of science".


The project is supported on an ongoing basis by a Scientific Advisory Group made up of leading figures from the world of science. 

The website was built with the support of Microsoft Research as an official foundation partner.


The site has been launched in beta and during this phase we will be looking at ways to improve the site and add new features.

We really value your feedback in this process. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the site, or if you find any repeating bugs, please email the team at richannel@ri.ac.uk or click the Feedback tab on the left of the page.

Image: Filming in the Faraday Theatre

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