First developed by William and Lawrence Bragg 100 years ago, crystallography is regarded as one of the greatest innovations of the twentieth century. 

To mark the centenary year of the Bragg's pioneering work, the Crystallography Collection will bring together the best videos on the subject from across the web.

A range of original videos will also be created exploring the Ri's unique role in the development of x-ray crystallography, as well as telling stories about modern day research and the continuing role of crystallography in cutting-edge science.


This project forms part of the Bragg Centenary 2013 and the International Year of Crystallography 2014. It is made possible through the generous support of STFC. 

Media Gallery

  • 12foot6 animation - dream team

    From the animation: The Braggs mentored a 'dream team' of crystallographers at the Ri.

    Image: Royal Institution

  • Bragg Spectrometer

    From the Ri Collection: William Lawrence Bragg's Spectrometer

    Image: © The Royal Institution

  • Lysozyme

    From the Ri Collection: Lysozyme model

    Image: © The Royal Institution

  • 12foot6 - Max Perutz

    From the animation: Max Perutz introduces us to X-ray Crystallography.

    Image: Royal Institution

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