In many ways the Prep Room lies at the heart of the Ri.

Although hidden behind a secure door on the first floor of 21 Albemarle Street, the Prep Room plays a crucial role in our public communication of science.

Filled with cogs, flasks, pumps, ruber tubing and many random objects, the Prep Room is where all the equipment and demonstrations are prepared for Ri events - not least the annual Christmas Lectures. 

This series brings you a range of hands-on experiments and demos across a full range of scientific topics led by the Ri's Demonstration technician, Mr Andrew Marmery.

We'll be adding to this Collection on a regular basis. If you would like to see a particular experiment or demonstration, please let us know.


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Tales from the Prep Room

Head inside the famous Ri Prep Room for experiments, demos and more.

Laser Diffraction

Image: The Royal Institution