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Educational Partners

The Ri Channel provides freely available open educational resources, published under Creative Commons licences (where possible). We have partnered with the following educational organisations to bring our content to teachers and STEM practitioners in the UK and internationally:

            TES Teaching Resources, free lesson plans and worksheets


Content Partners

Ri Channel content is now being syndicated to a wide range of media partners in the UK and internationally:

           British Council Guardian
           QUT logo  


Founding Partner

The launch of the Ri Channel has been made possible with the generous support of Microsoft Research.

Dedicated to 'turning ideas into reality', Microsoft Research has been at the forefront of computer science research for over twenty years.

"We are delighted to partner with the Royal Institution on this exciting new science communication project, and to offer our support and expertise both through direct funding and through the part-time secondment of Professor Chris Bishop.

"The Royal Institution has a rich history and an outstanding reputation for excellence in science communication, which makes them the perfect organisation to pioneer this challenging new project.

"By embracing the opportunities and potential afforded by the web as a method to share content in a truly accessible way, we hope this new science channel will provide an online focal point for the very best in video-based science communication."

- Andrew Blake, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Discover more about Microsoft Research and their latest projects at research.microsoft.com.

Partnership Opportunities

To find out more about partnership opportunities with The Royal Institution or the Ri Channel, please email richannel@ri.ac.uk

Image: Microsoft Research